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It’s time to turbocharge your success. At vkommerce, we’re experts in Shopify Speed Optimization. Say farewell to slow pages, customer frustration, and missed sales. Let’s turn your store into a lightning-fast sales machine!

Why Shopify Speed Optimization is Important?

Speed matters! Shoppers expect instant gratification, and if your website takes too long to load, they’ll hit the back button faster than you can say “Shop Now.”

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Shopify speed optimization services

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Our main goal is to assist as many Shopify shops as we can. Are you stuck in the problem? How to optimize Shopify store speed? You are at the correct address. If you want your store to be first on Google, please get shopify speed optimization service and call our developers and fix your problem within hours. Why VKommerce?

12 Years of Speed Optimization Services experience
A minimum score of web speed is 90+ – also on Google Page Speed Insight
Ensured to be under 3 seconds
Best loading time
No change to the functioning or design

Do you know that when a Shopify page takes longer than five seconds to load, 38% of visitors leave the site?

A Bad Page Score Can Also Hurt Your SEO

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A quicker Shopify store

Don’t fall behind as big brands continually upgrade their storefronts.

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Excellent UX

Give your business a quick Shopify shop that cultivates consumer trust.

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Repeat Clientele

Gladly returning clients maintain a 1,000-mile because they trust your quick and responsive website.

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More Sales and Conversions

Prevent lapses and avoid more loading time at the checkout page.

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Improved SEO

A higher Google ranking depends on SEO and web speed – Follow Google Search Algorithm Changes.

VKommerce Committed Assistance

Your website is now quick, but for how long? Speed up Shopify site as we can assist you with how to optimize Shopify’s website speed and how to maintain the website speed for a long time.

You know what? As Shopify improve page speed, with custom speed optimization service and with fast-loading VKommerce Committed Assistance and responsive layout, you can enjoy at least 5.2% more customers. Also, website ranking improves with fantastic speed and user experience.

Heavy effect of website speed optimization services on conversion rates

According to the report, a brand’s bottom line will be impacted by site speed regarding consumer engagement, conversions, and sales. According to Google’s user performance research, even the tiniest delay in page loading may alter user concentration and activity.

Additionally, customers are just some who penalize a website because of more loading time; Google also penalizes sluggish websites by labeling them as non-professional.

Furthermore, with the best optimization services you must constantly maintain your online business responsiveness, make Shopify site faster and update the website according to trends. Google Search Ranking algorithms love to see a good user experience with a fresh look at the website.

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Get your Optimized Shopify Website

The importance of shopify speed optimization service for Online Stores

With Shopify’s speed, optimization sales numbers will stay the same due to a loss of website visits. In fact, during a 30-minute website outage in 2013, Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, lost a substantial number of potential customers. Every minute throughout that time, they lost $66,240. Whether your Shopify store is as large as Amazon, losing clients is still a loss for the company.

Do customers still want to shop quickly?

The saying “initial impressions is the last impression” applies here. The same is true for websites; an optimized Shopify website enhances user experience and gives the user a sense of progress toward the objective. Additionally, on e-commerce websites, the effects of the slow pages are substantial, increasing bounce rates and cart abandonment.

Consequences Of A Slow Website For Your

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Higher Bounce Rate

Your user will leave your site and go to one that only tests his patience if your Shopify webpage takes up to three seconds to load. Hence, potential sales are lost when visits are lost. Our speed optimization service will brighten up the content of your website and streamline the code so that it loads quickly.

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Potential Sales Lost

You did hear correctly. You may lose 45% of prospective customers if your Shopify site loads slower than the visitor’s expectations. Additionally, online buyers frequently evaluate several items at once.
Therefore delayed web pages will provide a horrible user experience, forcing them to transfer to your competitors. Speed up Shopify site to get more visitors to your website.

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User Retention Drops

Before making a purchase, online customers frequently examine the product pages. Before purchasing a product, shoppers also look for peer reviews. Thus, they will become impatient with a slow Shopify website. Waiting longer and constant page loading is annoying for the customers.

Discuss your Shopify Speed Optimization Project with Experts

Optimize Shopify Speed to Get More Money
fewer pages per MB
fewer requests for files
Benefit from browser caching
lazy picture loading
Minify JavaScript and CSS
Image size optimization
App evaluation and mistakes

Optimize page speed Shopify and Make Shopify site faster with our professional Shopify speed optimization company.

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VKommerce Process For Speed Optimization Service

We assess and pinpoint the potential improvements using site speed optimization technologies like Page Speed Insights.

Evaluation of your Shopify website

Our team will assess the condition of your current site and find areas for improvement.

Share Our Results

We will examine your Shopify website, and we’ll provide you with a report that contains suggestions for improvement.

Make a Road Map

We’ll develop a project execution plan for speed optimization based on our study of your Shopify site and the suggested changes


We will present our findings and recommendations after our analysis.

Pricing Strategy Choices

We’ll assist you with the best packages and pricing options based on our results and your spending limit. In fact, every strategy has its own benefits.


Taking the report into consideration, our team will begin the optimization.


We will share the website optimization & improvement reports. Once we have finished your Shopify store speed optimization, we will share the news. The report will include information from popular speed analysis tools for your website—free Consultancy for Shopify Store Optimization. Speed up shopify site with VKommerce.

Q/A Session

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Why do the speed ratings fluctuate every time I check?

Every time you use one of the well-known performance tools, the speed scores will change. Thus, there are several reasons for this heterogeneity. Depending on how busy the server is at that exact moment, your server’s response time may be longer or shorter.
Since you must wait for those servers to react, loading third-party resources like adverts or tracking snippets can further slow down your computer’s performance.
You can determine your site’s speed the most effectively using an average. Therefore, the most accessible approach to gauge your page speed is to run the program three or more times and average the results.

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What is the price of the shopify speed optimization service?

Shopify speed optimization depends on how many scripts, CSS files, and other files must be optimized. Each shop has a different number of pages and services, so speed optimization price varies from business to business.

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Do you offer assistance once the optimization is complete?

VKommerce offers two weeks of assistance. Therefore, if you see anything missed, let us know and we’ll address it immediately.

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Could you simply describe the procedure for speed optimization service?

In order to do our initial study, we will need you to establish a secret app on your store and grant us read-only access to it. Furthermore, we will sign a contract based on the work required after the project’s scope has been determined.
After finalizing the contract clients have to pay half of the total payment and then our team will start their work. After we have received the money, we will email you an invitation to use our partner portal. After that, we will start our thorough analysis and make the necessary improvements to our site speed optimization services.

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Do you directly work on my live website? Will it have to be turned down when you are at work?

No. There is no downtime because VKommerce operates in preview mode while creating a duplicate of your theme. Again, everything is checked before being put into use.

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Will the look and feel of my website stay the same?

Yes! Your website will have the same appearance. Additionally, for the sake of Shopify optimization, we won’t forget the user experience.

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Is it for the homepage alone or the entire website?

The improvements have an impact on all pages of the website, thus, including categories and products.

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What is the price of the shopify speed optimization service?

Shopify speed optimization depends on how many scripts, CSS files, and other files must be optimized. Each shop has a different number of pages and services, so speed optimization price varies from business to business.